November 30th, 2009

ACES Meets Mac's All-Sports Extravaganza

Nineteen ACES fifth- and sixth-grade students participated in Macalester College’s All-Sports Extravaganza on Saturday, November 14. The students joined Macalester student-athletes in sampling sports and participating in a variety of athletic activities.

The event also offered the students a chance to learn more about college.

Monroe student Zhenya Schindler shared what type of influence the afternoon had on her. “Going there made me think about college.”

“I think I want to go to Macalester!” declared Schindler’s schoolmate Jabreh Shaw.

And this was before the pizza and prizes were brought out.

“I want to go every Saturday!” Jessica Moua, also of Monroe, proclaimed.

As for the sports, ACES students had different albeit positive opinions.

“My favorite sport was football, because throwing and catching is fun!” Monroe student Alexys Collins said.

Schoolmate Zhenya Schindler preferred “pitching the baseball, because I got to find out how fast I pitch—and it’s fast!”

ACES has a long-standing partnership with Macalester. Next on the ACES–Macalester schedule is Kids Judge on December 5, where ACES students will judge Macalester students’ very real science exhibits and presentations.

ACES and its students thank Macalester College for hosting the All-Sports Extravaganza!