July 1st, 2010

ACES Launches Summer Program

It’s summertime! From Monday, June 28 until Friday, July 30, ACES students will be having the time of their lives at Green Central’s after-school summer program. Along with other community organizations, ACES will be running program activities for 4th-6th graders.

Emmy Matzner, Green Central Program Coordinator, will be leading the group. “I’m very excited that we’re able to provide this opportunity,” she said. “It’s important that students stay engaged over the summer and retain academic and social skills for the upcoming school year.”

Students will spend the afternoon participating in interactive reading activities, physical activities, and ACES projects relating to the summer theme of Time Travel. Fridays are reserved for outdoor field trips.

Chad Caruthers, ACES Executive Director, said, "Continuing to serve students at Green Central over the summer affords ACES a year-round presence at the school, which is important to ACES, students, and the community."